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structure, our Code of Ethics and Conduct is the banner of what Core Mentors Association personifies a heartfelt presence to humanity in the world

in its current condition amid a pandemic.

As Directors of Core Mentors Association and persons with interest to the success of the Association, who voluntarily give their time, talents for

the greater good of others, families, and the many communities around the world, you are held to the ethos of Ethics and Conduct that are

centered in light and right. It is expected during your tenure as an appointed "Director" that your conduct will be in alignment with the mission

statement which expresses a gathering of Coaches and Mentors within a worldwide campus, who see the success of the individual as the greater

good, referring their needs to Mentors and Coaches who can facilitate a holistic embodiment of wellbeing. BE INCLUSIVE: It is the aim for Core

Mentors Association to include, integrate all people, groups, organizations regardless of political status, race, religion, financial implications or are

living with disabilities.

Interactions will be professional, handled with kindness, compassion, understanding and tolerance to life's conditions within the association for

both Director's and associate members. DO CHOOSE YOUR WORDS CAREFULLY: Each word we speak, write, and communicate has different

meanings in any language. Since Core Mentors Association and its Directors and members are multi-national in nature, having a global reach, it is

our responsibility to be accountable for what we disseminate on social media and within our communications with each other. Be inclusive, show

respect and consideration. HAVE INTEGRITY: Being of sound moral and ethical character at every interaction both within social media platforms (so

named LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram) or in person, it is expected that Directors and members of Core Mentors Association show

earnest intentions that follow a path of truth and honesty toward everyone.

Honesty is defined in the following term but not limited to it, when referring members for service, that the right people are seen by the right

expert and a referral form is completed. BE CONSIDERATE: Consideration is given when we present self-awareness of the emotional well-being of

others. To have a regard in all circumstances, initiating kindness, mindful and careful deliberation prior to any intentions taking all precautions and

means to mitigate negativity by creating a positive reciprocity. DO REMEMBER TO CREATE: Core Mentors Association has been built to bring

together the right people to the right place where they can get the help they need. As we grow, it is a place of abundance and there is always

enough we can do to contribute to the greater good of humanity and the association. Relationships built with integrity, respect and with

consideration of others will provide a foundation harmonious to create.

C-Consistent Care, R-Respect, E-Empathy, A-Abundance, T-Tenacity, E-Excellence. HAVE RESPECT:

We share a common space where each of us is different. In our day-to-day interactions, through our example, we will honor each other with respect.

It is as simple as listening to understand another's point of view without negative remuneration toward the idea, comment, or perspective. It is our

amiable right to be considerate in our actions, tone, and language toward each other, holding a place of respect for the great good of our humanity.

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