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We are a group of experienced Educators, Parents, Coaches, Mentors and Advocates here for you and your student(s). We understand that parenting is the most difficult job in the world. We believe that you know your student(s) best and we assume you want what is best for them. Our role is to listen, empower, enrich and encourage you and your student(s) on how to be successful.

This past year, Covid-19 has been challenging for most. However, there are "Silver Linings" that we can help you focus on. We build on your strengths and your student's strengths to adapt and succeed in living.

Child/Adolescent Coach: Helps children of all ages overcome issues such as depression and anxiety. Also helping children on how to regulate their emotions, strengthen their coping skills and build/form healthy relationships, as well as work through issues such as: divorce, difficult emotional experiences, bullying, dating, self-confidence and body shaming.

Here are some questions to consider when looking for a coach or mentor in this category:

In answering the following questions, please consider and explain how Covid-19 and Distance Learning has impacted you family's relationships, daily living and lifestyles currently.

  1. Please describe the issues or concerns you or your student(s) are seeking assistance with.
  2. What have you tried to do to resolve such issues or concerns? What has worked? And what has not worked? (Explain)
  3. If CORE Mentors and Coaches could help you alleviate the issues (stated above), how would your life and family be improved? Please describe what your life or student's life would look like on a daily/weekly basis.
  4. What are you willing to do to make this improvement happen? Please explain your expectations and limits (Time and Money/Resources)
  5. Are you open to Individual Coaching and/or Group Coaching? (Please specify and explain)
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