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Relationship Coach: Works with couples and/or individuals in learning tools to make relationships healthier. Provides help with overcoming challenging relationship problems such as: getting an ex back, cheating and coping with a breakup.

Marriage Coach: Works with both couples and individuals in learning tools that not only help the couples function more smoothly in their marriage, but can also work with each individual separately; dealing with issues such as: trust, communication, moving on and intimacy. Marriage coaches give the tools necessary and help apply the new tools to achieve the marriage desired.

Divorce Coach: Can provide a safe, supportive and a nonjudgemental environment while helping individuals and couples deal with emotions, navigate through a divorce, offer pre-legal advice, act as a guide other than a family member and help organize paperwork dealing with the divorce.

Dating Coach: Helps with self-confidence and communication skills. Some specialize in sex within dating, proper attire and manners as well as identifying body language.

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