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Suicide Mentor:  Helping those with suicidal thoughts or impulses to explore their underlying feelings and take practical actions to sort through those issues. 

Depression Mentor:  Helps individuals who are stressed, can't sleep, struggle with day-to-day activities and don't know where to turn by providing coping skills to help them reclaim their self and their life. 

Anxiety Mentor: Helps individuals obtain the knowledge and tools that it takes to overcome anxiety. They can teach you how to love yourself, get your life back and stop living in fear.

Addiction Mentor:  Provides encouragement and support to an individual and their family going through (or have gone through) the addiction journey. They act as a confidant and provide accountability, along with personally guiding you through every phase of the recovery process and continually monitor your success. 

Recovery Mentor: Can work with individuals regarding suicide, depression and mental health.

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