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Please listen to one of our members and a wonderful and talented voice coach, Paul Rogers from Canada, tell you about our scholarships.

When we can give students opportunities in life that moves them forward in learning and growing; when we have that opportunity we should do so.

We, the founders, are giving such opportunities to two individual students in July, 2021, through two $500 scholarships to be used towards education.

These two individuals will be chosen from the student memberships within the association by the founders.

The students have to be enrolled in school and be between the ages of 10-23,  to be eligible to receive one of the two scholarships (only one scholarship per student).

The light we give a student is a light we may have been giving ourselves. It may not have come in a material form, but a light none the less. Give where you can from your heart, mind or pocket. But give. Giving is the kindest thing we can do.

Please see bylaws for scholarship details.

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