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Voice Coach: Helps with vocal development of vocal qualities and techniques including: pitch, pace, rhythm, intonation, volume/projection, connection to voice and body when speaking, accents, and tone.

Language Coach: Provides individuals with personal goals and targets to acquire and speak a certain language(s). They help you define goals, discover and eliminate obstacles and find efficient learning schedules, tools and resources to achieve your goals.

Body Language Coach: Helps individuals with communication skills and teaching effective ways to improve the way you are coming across to your audience by looking at communication techniques and exercises, improve or increase emotional intelligence, detect lies, and boost sales.

Here are some questions to consider when looking for a coach or mentor in this category:

1. Do you need help with preparation and confidence for professional talks, podcast interviews, presentations or meetings?

2. Do you need help with breath work, speaking voice development, or accent training?

3. Do you need help with non-verbal communication including body language and presentation of self?


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