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about CORE mentors association

Mission Statement

This association was formed to bring coaches and mentors from around the world; where there are many great associations, none exist to cross reference coaches/mentors to help the individual in need-the most important part of why coaches and mentors exist. This association was specifically designed to create a cross-reference from one coaches’ specialty to another coaches’ specialty; where a coaches’ or mentor’s individual specialty does not cover a specific need of an individual or business needing help.

This association was constructed with the simplest functionality in mind and the hope is that you can advance in your field while creating an awareness for your cause, company or industry. This association creates a referral funnel platform of professionals helping professionals.  

There is always power when people are brought together with one goal in mind. Here in this association, our goals are simple: Get individuals and/or companies the help they need by putting them in front of the right professional that can help them back down the right path to success, and at the same time, where mentors and coaches have a chance to get recognized by their peers. We had a strong sense of purpose to form a community where like-minded individuals could come together through this association acting as a conduit, for offering a support network for coaching and mentoring professionals.

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